State’s COVID positivity, other key stats up again

State can’t shake number range where it’s been stuck for two weeks

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky’s new COVID case numbers are struggling to move from levels where they’ve been stuck for three weeks.

In his report on Friday (Click here), the state announced 2,582 cases, about the same as Thursday’s 2,507 but slightly down from Wednesday’s 2,913. The positivity rate was 8.94%, rising after showing signs of falling for a few days. Thursday’s rate was 8.84%, down from 8.77% Wednesday, 8.79% Tuesday and 8.78% Monday. The rate is still lower than Friday’s 8.97%, last Thursday’s 8.99%, last Wednesday’s 9.14% and last Tuesday’s 9.17%.

Among the new cases, 617 concern people aged 18 and under.

The state has reported 35 deaths. The state has now lost 11,754 Kentuckians to COVID-related causes.

The new cases compared to 2,559 Tuesday, 1,089 Monday, 989 Sunday, 2,308 Saturday, 2,773 last Friday and 2,736 last Thursday.

The state has now recorded 825,692 COVID cases since March 2020.

Hospitalizations jumped to 1,255, from 1,236 Thursday, 1,249 Wednesday, 1,216 Tuesday, 1,253 Monday, 1,192 last Friday and 1,167 last Thursday.

Intensive care admissions also rose to 329, from 315 on Thursday, 327 on Wednesday, 316 on Tuesday and Monday, 319 last Friday and 314 last Thursday.

The number of people on ventilators also rose to 195, from 193 Thursday, 179 Wednesday, 175 Tuesday, 181 Monday, 191 last Friday and 185 last Thursday.

Karen J. Nelson