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It looks like BIGBANG is pretty much running YG Entertainment and not the other way around. VIPs (BIGBANG fans) now see a treasure hunt between BIGBANG’s future in the label and the stock situation of YG Entertainment. As soon as single ‘Still Life’, which is the four-boy group’s first new single after four years, was released on April 5, the oldest member of the group, TOP made an official Instagram post bidding farewell to the label. YG Entertainment.

The position was quite obvious to many of the group’s fans given that TOP initially announced that he was not going to re-sign a contract with the label and decided to part ways with YG Entertainment while still being part of BIGBANG. But it appears stock investors didn’t get the memo as reaction to TOP’s post saw YG Entertainment shares plunge 4.69% from the previous day to 62,300 won ($51) within hours. .


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YG Entertainment denies BIGBANG disbandment rumors after seeing their shares plummet after TOP bid farewell to the label (YG Entertainment/Naver)

YG Entertainment tries to limit the damage with BIGBANG

On the same day, April 5, a few hours after TOP’s farewell message, it was reported that YG’s international investors sold a total of 8.7 billion won ($7,093,938) worth of shares. It was reported that many investors thought BIGBANG would no longer be a boy group after the members, especially TOP, said they were all too old to be idols. Now, in order to save YG Entertainment and their falling shares, the label has released a new statement reassuring its investors that BIGBANG is not old news.

YG Entertainment, after seeing the markets react to the news of BIGBANG’s alleged disbandment, released a new statement that the second-generation boy group is not disbanding, but the comeback is a new beginning for the group. YG Entertainment explained that just like the song ‘Still Life’ became an overnight hit on the global charts, the song captures the member’s current life and gives an idea of ​​what the members have in store for fans in the future. stating that the group had a “wide spectrum of popularity and original art that encompasses all generations.

Shortly after this announcement, fans noticed that YG Entertainment’s shares had miraculously started to rise again, leading VIPs to comment on how much the label needed BIGBANG to stay relevant. Fans said that BIGBANG not only topped the music charts, but also the YG stock price despite being on hiatus for so many years.

YG Entertainment announces a new project for BIGBANG fans after “Still Life” tops the charts denying disbandment rumors (BIGBANG/YG Entertainment)

What does YG plan to do with BIGBANG?

Following BIGBANG’s comeback, YG finally realizes that the boy group no longer needs the label to stay relevant but does the opposite. To continue the BIGBANG fever and calm down the frenzied investors, YG Entertainment had announced a new project for VIPs where the label will hold a “Still Life” cover contest.

For this contest, fans of the boy group will be able to perform their covers of BIGBANG’s comeback single. The cover can be a vocal or instrumental performance. Fans can share the YouTube cover with a hashtag, then complete and submit the Google Form request form to the label. Among all the submissions, three winning fans will win a cash prize of up to 10 million won ($8,152) each.

BIGBANG releases their first single since 2018 (@ygent_official/Twitter)

“BIGBANG created YG, not YG BIGBANG.”

BIGBANG fans are loving this new cat-and-mouse hunt between YG Entertainment and their investors, thanks to the boy group’s continued popularity even after so many years of hiatus. One fan summed up, “TOP posts goodbye to yg. The audience feels like the song is a goodbye to BIGBANG. Results? YGE shares crash because pp thinks BB will end.” Another fan said, “I would rather BIGBANG leave YG than disband. They can still reunite as BIGBANG when things are going well. I don’t want YG to keep using them for money. When we all know that the CEO is not the same father figure that Yang Hyunsuk took care of his children.”

One fan joked, “Not YG shares (up) after denying disbandment rumor. BIGBANG will be doing rocket launches on the stock market or on the music charts.” A fan said, “YG stock hit a market value of 71,100 for the first time in 10 years, returning to its original position. BIGBANG created YG, not YG BIGBANG.” Another fan said, “Power of the bigbang, stock is up again after YG announced ‘it’s not the end of the bigbang’. Another fan said, “I guess it’s the end active era for BIGBANG. They really have to do something – even individually – to back up YG’s claim that BB isn’t going to disband. Well, they have to. Otherwise, goodbye investors. YG DIDN’T MAKE BIGBANG. BIGBANG DOES YG.

One user said, “You know, even YG has already released the bigbang statement is not disbanded, but I don’t know why I just don’t believe it. mybe we will have solo activities but not in groups. but whatever decision the boys make, i will respect it. please do at least one world tour as a group.” Another joked: “Not at YGE explaining it’s not the end for BIGBANG to the point where they even explained the mv because apparently investors are selling their stocks on yge thinking it would be the last for BB lmaoo. why is this so much fun.” Another user said, “LOL investors are starting to sell their YG shares after the release of Still Life as they assume BIGBANG will disband. YG had to come out and clarify.”

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